Welcome to Benton Methodist Church
Monday, March 27, 2023
A Traditional Methodist Church
Sunday School Opportunities... 
 ...It's For Life!
 Sundays at 9:15 a.m.
Welcome to Benton United Methodist Sunday School Department! We believe the fellowship in these small groups not only nurtures individual spiritual lives, but also forms a stronger connection in the Body of Christ, which is the Church.  Each teacher describes how his/her class can bolster your relationship with Jesus Christ and others.  Everyone is encouraged to participate in a class.
Sunday School is a place where people and churches can be transformed:
  • growing leaders for the church's mission
  • increasing people's sense of belonging and commitment to stewardship
  • providing a place for new people to make friends and learn to grow as disciples
  • deepening people's understanding of God's activity in all of life

Adult Classes

The Potter's Hands - Teachers: Andy & Lillian Holley
This class is designed for parents of young children. Get to know people who are in similar walks of life and develop a closer relationship with God, each other, and your family.
Eva Smith - Teacher: Betty Russell
This class is for women of any age who want to be involved in Bible study, using the Adult Bible Studies materials. Our ongoing mission projects include offerings for the Methodist Children's Home in Ruston, Heifer International. and McDade House. A strong bond of fellowship and nurture is felt in this class.  We share our concerns, celebrate our joys, pray and study.  COME AND SEE!!!
Grumpy Old Men - Teacher:  Francis Edwards
This class seeks to study and understand the basic scripture of the Old and New Testaments.  Together these basic subjects are applied to today’s problems in the world.  All mature men are welcome. 
Fellowship - Teacher: Debbie Filler
The Fellowship Class uses a variety of materials in this class in order to reach all interests.  We engage in discussions that have to do with present situations that affect our lives.  Couples and singles are welcome in this class.
Pairs and Spares - Teacher: Reba Hearne
This class is a group of 40-somethings and beyond. The class focuses on Bible study, but always with an eye toward making the Scripture relevant to our daily lives. We are an eclectic bunch defined exactly by our name.  Couples and singles are welcome. 
The Breakfast Club - Teacher: Sally Carroway
This is a unique and fun loving group of Christians who come together on Sunday to worship Christ through a contemporary study of the Bible and how it relates to our everyday life and struggles.  We rely on each other through a network of prayer and friendship.  We take turns bringing breakfast and have many social activities throughout the year.  
Christ's Melting Pot - Teacher: Stacy Smith
Find your way in this welcoming community of variety.  Our backgrounds range from north to south, Baptist to Catholic, married to single, kids to no kids, and everything in-between.  Join us as we study and discuss God’s word to find our way in this crazy world. 


The Believers - Teacher: Katherine Kavanaugh

The Believers class is open to everyone, but its main purpose is to gather older adult couples in a setting of open discussion about life struggles in light of the Good News of God's Word.  A secondary aim is to create a fellowship of believers for support and recreation.  It meets in the multi-purpose room in the Children’s Center and is led by Katherine Kavanaugh