Welcome to Benton United Methodist Church
Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Inviting IN, Growing UP, and Sending OUT

Hurricane Harvey
How You can help through Benton umc:

1. Donate Funds! UMCOR Sager-Brown Depot is asking for funds to be donated immediately to meet current and future needs for this disaster. If you feel led to donate to the Harvey Relief Fund, please click the link below:

Go to the E-Giving Online Transaction System
(To donate, click the link, log in, select make a transaction,
scroll to special giving opportunities then select Harvey Relief Fund)


2. Pray about joining the next FRT (Flood Relief Team) for mucking out and cleaning up after the storm and dangers have passed. Please email rachel.stoneman@bentonumc.org to sign-up. Registering does not mean you have to go when called - there will be many opportunities during recovery. 

For more information about the Harvey Relief Fund
or serving during this disaster, please contact:
Rachel Stoneman
(318) 935-8515 or